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What is Design-Build

Often times in construction projects there will be a designer company and then a construction company. Using the Design-Build method provides owners a single point of contact, both overseeing the design and construction of a project. The Design-Builder will handle all contacts with the company including subcontractors, equipment vendors and materials provided. Also, streamlining your project with one point of contact for both the design and construction phase of your project will reduce costs and overall timing of your project.

Arcadia's Design-Build Process

  1. Pre-construction Initial Meeting
  2. Design Meeting
  3. Start Construction
  4. Post-Construction

Benefits of Design-Build

  • Single Source of Management fosters partnering between team members creating great synergy, which in turn adds value to a project.
  • Reduces the Cost on Projects by having a single point of contact that understands both the design and building process of each project
  • Saving TIME by allowing the design and construction phase to overlap when necessary to fast-track construction
  • Allows for Better Quality Control and Site Safety Management

If you are considering hiring a design-build team for your construction project, we encourage you to reach out to Arcadia Building Co. As experience design builders, we will work with you on architectural plans for your project, and then make them a reality. Call Arcadia Building Company today at 480-258-5443 and experience the best process and experience for your next project in the Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler Market.

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